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hello kitties, it's been a long time since I wrote to you, I've had a few busy months between my work and school but I'm finally back to show you a new wishlist of these bags.

I was looking in several stores where I could find these items since many times I have found these items in other stores but the plastic after a short time tends to look yellow or get ugly.

Fortunately I found a store that offers a lot of quality and excellent service, the store is called ROMY TISA and they offer all kinds of bags for women with unique and very beautiful styles. In addition to having great deals every day, it offers free worldwide shipping on all of its products.

I love the interface of the page since it is very easy to see all its articles and you find everything you are looking for.

Here is my list of favorite clear clutch bags

What was your favorite clear crossbody bag? The truth is that I liked all of them, but my favorite was obviously the one with the kitten ears. I love all the variety of bags they have and I hope to buy the AI ​​very soon to tell you how they seemed to me.

I hope you liked this post a lot and we'll see each other very soon in a next entry. I send you many kisses and hugs. Stay safe!

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