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Hello kittens. I hope you are very well today. I'm going to tell you about this new store, called DuraFits, I will show you more favorite items and why I liked this store so much. If you want to know more, keep reading.

Durafits is a store that sells girdles of all kinds of styles and sizes, such as full body shapewear, panties, shorts, body suits and other items. Their website is very intuitive and they have photos showing all the details of the garments, everything is in excellent quality and in different sizes.


This store has many discounts and promotions, they also ship all over the world, if you subscribe to their newlestter, they give you a 10% discount. The shipments are totally free to all parts, in the purchase of 75 dollars or more. A promotion that I love is that you spend $ 200 and they give you a good discount of 30 dollars.

These girdles or shaper shorts are very useful for many things, from post surgery, postpartum or like me, to use in the gym. These garments help shape the figure and help you if you carry a lot of weight or work with weights.

So, here I leave you my favorite articles from this store and I will also leave you the link at the bottom of the image, so that you can click and know all the details:





As you can see, this store has a wide variety of articles that help to model the figure, give it shape and even make it more voluptuous and striking in a natural and light way, with the comfort and good quality that DuraFits can provide you. They have many styles and sizes ranging from size s to 6xl so anyone can enjoy these products.

If you like something about this store, do not hesitate to visit it, you will surely find something perfect for you. If you have any questions, you can leave me in the comments and I will gladly help you.

We read in the next post, with more for you, please take care, stay safe and wash your hands. I send you many kisses and prrs. bye bye

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  1. I love these models, because it makes the body more designed around the waist and some straighten the spine, I loved the tip because they seem to be very comfortable.
    I loved your blog that I'm already following.
    good week


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