Tips for Making Clip In Hair Extensions Look Natural

So you've made the purchase of new clip in hair extensions, or maybe you are curious about how to make clip in extensions look their best. Now the big question, how am I going to make them look natural and no one be able to tell I'm wearing extensions? After all, the goal is to make them look as natural as possible, and there are certain things you can do to ensure no one will be the wiser. Some of these tips you might know already, but some you might not. They will help to make the transition to being confident wearing your clip in hair extensions daily.

Color Matching Your Natural Hair and Extensions

There are plenty of options on the market to date for clip in hair extensions. With that being said choosing the right ones for you. For the most natural look, you'll want to select the closest color to your own hair. This will make blending a lot easier. The best way to color match your extensions is looking at the ends of your hair. This will be the color that determines what hair extensions you should buy. If you are off by even a shade light or dark it can stand out and be very noticeable.

The second part to consider when ordering hair is the make up, is it synthetic or real human hair? Human hair will provide the most realistic look to your own hair. With varying cost it can be tempting to order synthetic, but to achieve the best overall look human hair, Remy hair is the way to go. Be sure when you order that the hair type is like your own, if you have straight hair you'll want to order straight extensions.

The best part of using real human hair is the styling benefits. Most of the time heat shouldn't be used on synthetic hair, it has a tendency to burn. Using only human hair you are open to more styling options and coloring options. Be sure whenever you are using heat on your clip in extensions you are using a good heat protectant. This is essential, just as you should be using on your own natural hair. It provides much needed protection and will keep your locks looking great for longer.

One of the best ways to make your clip in hair extensions look natural is to know what good placement means. Depending on how much hair and how many tracks you have to work with will vary on how you place them. At times focusing on the back can be tricky because you can't see without the use of a mirror. If you have a full length mirror, it will help greatly with being able to see what you are doing. In general the best way to place your extensions is 2 of the the clip extensions in the lower back region with one of the 4 clips above those. For your sides it will depend on how you part your natural hair. If you have a side swoop bang you'll want to add one more to that side. Each side should get 1 two clip wefts and a single clip. This will ensure proper balance throughout. However, it is not necessary to use virgin hair you have, using too much can look not realistic as well. Remember to leave sections of your own hair between each clip in extension.

To make sure your extensions don't slip, back combing where you want them to be placed will give the clips something to grab to. Back combing, or teasing, simply means you take your natural hair out, lift up, and slide a teasing brush down towards your roots. After you have finished the back combing you simply spray the teased area with light hair spray for a firmer hold.

While styling is completely dependant on how you would like to wear your hair, curls are the easiest way to blend your clip in extensions. You will want to place your extensions in before curling. Each section should be done with some of your natural hair Perruque and done of the extension hair. Use of a great protectant is advised to prevent harming your hair, both extension and natural. Wearing your hair straight is a little more complex to blend, and works well if you flat iron the extensions before placing them for wear, and with the best if you already have straight natural hair.

Possibly the best thing you can do to make sure your extensions are on point is seeing your stylist for a hair trim. Your stylist will be able to cut your extensions to match your pre-existing hair cut for the most natural look. Getting your extensions cut to match your hair will also make placement much easier.

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