Ways To Blend Ombre Hair Extensions

So, you want to get on board with the awesome ombre hairstyles but you're not so keen on dyeing your natural strands or your hair is simply too short? You've come to the right place because there's a simple solution for that ombre extensions. Using extensions can not only add significant length and volume to your locks, but you can play with different color effects and get them instantly! Whether it's highlights, low lights, ombre or any other color changes, doing it with extensions is much easier and safer. Dyeing hair too often can cause damage and breakage to strands and that's something nobody wants. Another reason why creating ombre hairstyles using extensions is much easier and better is because it's not permanent and if you get bored of the ombre, you can simply take it off. It is also great for those who simply want to try out a new colored hairstyle to see how it looks.

Ombres are still very much in demand and this is definitely a trend that is here to stay for quite some time. That's why having an ombre set next to your regular one is such a great idea. Not to mention that having your strands dyed at a salon is much more expensive and time consuming than adding some clip-ins.

Choosing the Right Extensions

To get the perfect ombre, it is essential to purchase the right ombre extensions. First, make sure that the hair you're buying is Remy because low-quality hair will not look as good. The other thing to look for and take into consideration is the quality of the ombre. Low-quality hair will not have smooth color transitions which makes it very difficult to blend. So make sure that the color gradient is visible and the fade looks natural. Regarding types and methods, clip-in ombre extensions are the best option because they're so easy to apply, even for beginners, and the look will be flawless. The length of the clip-ins is up to you and they can be applied to medium and even short hair, while still looking effortless. Since an ombre is a transition from black roots to light ends, there is no need to have the ombre colors on your natural strands. All you need is a short to medium hair with a darker shade and the extensions will add that pop of light color that makes the ombre look complete.

Ombres can consist of any two (or more) darker and lighter shades, the color is all up to you. For a natural look, select an ombre with dark and light browns, but you can also go for bolder and more unusual colors if you wish to stand out and experiment with colors. The only thing you need to make sure is that the root color of the clip-in extensions matches your natural one perfectly. If you're unsure about the exact shade, you can order a color swatch sample from the store and make a perfect match.

Proper application is the first step in blending the ombre correctly and making it look perfect. If done right, the wefts can create a perfect illusion of a dark to light ombre and no one will ever suspect that it's not your real hair. The process is absolutely beginner friendly and can be done in less than 10 minutes. Achieving this look by dyeing the hair would take hours and is quite expensive, not to mention it would eventually destroy your precious hair vendors. Ombre clip in extensions are simple, easy to use and blend, and protect your natural tresses.

We recommend that you use one or two four-clip ombre wefts, one three-clip weft, three two-clip wefts, and four or more one-clip wefts. This will give you a lot of volume for short hair and it ensures a flawless blend. The larger wefts will serve as you base clips, and the one-clip wefts are great for blending it all in and achieving a more natural look. Start clipping the wefts on the bottom and work your way up.

Now that you have the bigger wefts in place, you can start adding one-clip wefts. Place them strategically in order to achieve a natural blend of colors. You can experiment with the placement and see what works best for you because everyone's hair is different. Remember not to go too high up with the wefts because you want the top of your head to be dark and have the lighter tones start lower down.

Styling Tips for Blending Ombre Extensions

Another way you can ensure that your new ombre look is seamless is by styling. If you attached the wefts correctly, you should already have a great look, but this is taking it one step further. A great way to blend natural tresses with ombre clip-ins is straightening or curling. Straightening the hair using a flat iron will make the strands look effortless and the color gradient will pop even more. Apply some heat protectant spray and gently straighten all of the strands together. The result is a very trendy and seamless ombre look. Another thing that can be done is curling the hair along with the ombre clip-ins. Waves make everything look more together and effortless. A great way to do it is by curling the bottom half of the hair while leaving the top more straight. That gives the illusion of a completely natural and real ombre hairstyle.

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