How to Remove Your Lace Front Human Hair Wigs?

One of the chief concerns that people who wear lace front human hair wigs have is how to remove them. There are many horror stories online of people removing their wigs only to find that the removal process has damaged their hair or even their hairline. The bad news is that removing a lace front improperly can damage your hairline, hair or skin--the good news is that you can absolutely prevent this damage by taking a few simple precautions when removing your human hair lace wigs. The following is a guide to help you remove your lace front human ha ir wigs efficiently and above all, safely.

How Lace Front Wigs Stay Attached

Your lace front wigs attach to your skin through an adhesive. The two most common adhesives are tape adhesives and liquid bond adhesives, either a soft bond or a hard bond adhesive. Hard bond adhesives are typically stronger than soft bond adhesives, and can be used immediately compared to soft bond liquid adhesive, which requires a wait time to become tacky before it can be applied to the lace.

Never Just Pull the Wig Off Your Head

The biggest mistake people can make when removing a lace front wig is simply pulling the wig right off their head. This will almost always result in damaging your skin, your hairline, and the wig itself. The lace at the hairline is very delicate, and simply ripping the wig off will likely cause tears, which will ruin the appearance of the wig’s hairline. You can also aggravate your skin by pulling the wig off, since adhesives need to be removed carefully and gently.

How to Remove Your Wig Safely? In order to safely remove your lace front human hair wigs, you'll need the following items: Gentle Soap, Water, Adhesive remover (make sure it's intended for removing the type of adhesive you used to attach the wig), Q-Tips or a small clean soft brush, Hair clips

Step One. First, you'll need to take the hair clips and clip the hair in your wig back and away from your face. You want to make sure that the adhesive remover you use will not come in contact with your wig hair, as it can cause discoloration.

Step Two. Carefully apply your adhesive remover with either your soft brush or a q-tip. You should be careful to be gentle with the adhesive remover, because rubbing too harshly will cause skin irritation. The goal is to apply the remover to the lace seam--NOT the hair of your wig.

Step Three. Once the adhesive remover begins to work, you can start to gently peel away the lace from your skin. It's important to go slow and gently, to avoid irritating your skin or damaging the lace.

Step Four. Once the lace is completely off your skin, you can lift the wig up and place it on a stand for storage.

Step Five. Finally, clean your face with soap and water to remove all traces of both the adhesive and the adhesive remover.

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