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Hello kittens, on this occasion I bring you a new post thanks to a store, his name is Talever. Continue reading and tell you a little more about this.

Talever Clothing for Women is an online Store that you have shipping to all over the world, free after $39. Has a lot of variety in women's clothing at affordable prices and I really like the design of the page, I feel that it is very nice with all those pastel colors.

So, I'm going to show you my favorite dresses for spring. I liked very much, since they are all original and economic models. In addition to beautiful fabrics and unique designs.

Solid Colors Dresses


The dresses with solid colors are my favorites, as they are very simple to combine and also fit well and can be used in a casual or formal and vary a little the style with the shoes or accessories. The type of cut is very nice, in addition look great in any type of body.

Floral Dresses


The flowers is synonymous with spring and i love to see flowers in the dresses. As you can see the designs are very fresh for sunny days and the designs of flowers are very beautiful and colorful. I love how they are combined with the colors and we can acquire different cuts. Btw, the floral dresses long seems beautiful for use with sandals or someting like that. 

Dresses with transparency


I love these dresses because they are used to spring but are very elegant, the first dress I feel that it is perfect for a floral dresses for wedding, graduation or any party of night, as well as the colors are very suitable for the season. Btw, the price in each dress I think is very good, and the quality looks nice.

This shop I liked a lot, that has many discount coupons, offers free shipping to all over the world, the design of the page is very nice, they have a lot of variety in women's clothing and have many categories. Has many methods of payment, and in addition is very safe and reliable.

I hope you like this post, we read in the netx g not before tell you that you leave your comment: What was your favorite dress? Thanks for reading and commenting, See you soon, bye bye. 

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  1. Me quedo con el primero de la categoría Floral dresses.
    Un beso, guapa :)

  2. Appreciate you sharing,Love these dresses especially solid color dresses.With natural hairstyle, perfect.


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