Tips for a Beauty and Healthy Face

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Hi, there! Today I'm going to show you some tips to keep your face healthy and beautiful. It is very easy to maintain a healthy routine, also you can do it with things you have at home. I invite you to continue reading. 

For overall face:

1. Remove you makeup. With whatever you use and then wash your face to make sure you take off ALL makeup.

2.Use sunscreen when you are going to expose into a lot of sun. But also a good healthy than helps looking less sick.

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3. Sometimes, could be bc of what you are eating but i eat a lot of junk food and it doesn't affect but keep that in mind. Also stress can cause it too so try stay organized with school and i like to drink green tea twice a day helps me with stress.

4. Be careful with you makeup. You could be allergic to your makep or primer, so be careful try some products till you find one that helps your skin. I love bb creams, they really help my skin breathe

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5. Blackheads. This one is my little secret and wors so good. I use baking soda as a scrud on my nose and chin twice a week. Also i like to take them of by myself covering my fingers with toilet paper and i use warm water to open my pores so it comes out easily. 

6. Wash and Moisturize. Wash your face when you make up and when you go to sleep. I like to wash it with warm water so my pores get cleaned. Then i wash it off with cold water so my pores get closed. And then i apply a lot of moisturizer. this ones have salicylic acid too.

7. Acne and pimples. Everytime i get a pimple i learned that you cannot touch it, leave there and use something with salicylic acid to treat it and get rid of it.

For a eye bags / dark circles

1. Almond oil is a great natural remedy. It has been proven to help reduce eye bags by applying small amounts over eye circles.

2. Tea bags are another option! dipping them in water, then placing them over your eyes can help. 

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3. Combine mint leaves with drops of waer to create a natural, smooth paste to place over your eyes.

4. Soak cotton balss in rose water and place over eyes for a final natural way of eliminating dark eye circles and under bags,

For a better lips

1. Once every 3 -4 days just exfoliait with a scrub. I prefer the kiss scrub but it depends on your preference of tastes.

2. Also, when you brush your teeth finish up then go over your lips for a while to get rid of dead skin.

3. Always remember to use lip balm or some moisturizer such as almond or coconut oil, it is very important to keep the lips hydrated, so you avoid drying or splitting, a situation that can sometimes be very painful. There are many types of lip balms and of all prices. You can find some with very cheap prices in drug store. 

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3. Another tip is to stay away from matte lipsticks and just stick to lip glosses. Your lips will thank you. 

Extra: DIY Pluming lip scrub

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  • 2 teaspoons of cinnamon powder.
  • 1 tablespoon of raw unfiltered honey. 
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil.
  • 4 tablespoons of brown sugar. 


Rub on to your lips in circular motions from 1-2 minutes rinse off with warms water.

Get rid of whiteheads

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Firstly, i just wanna day that taking care of your skin in general can go a long way in preventing whiteheads in the firt place.

1. Wash your face once in the evening. Use mild product, you may also want to wash your face after working out or playingg sports.

2. Avoid harsh scrubs, which can cause skin irritation. 

3. Exfoliate a few time per week. It helps to get rid of dead skin that can clog your pores, but exfoliating too much can actually cause further irritation and more acne problems. 

4. Wash your hair regularly, especially if you have long hair. Oil from your hair can clog your pores.

5. Clean your smartphone, pillowcase, and sunglasses regularly to get rid of oil, dirt, and bacteria.

By takin care of your skin in general can go a long way in the first place. 

Get rid of blackheads

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Blackheads are just aan oxidezed mix of oil and dead skin cells that are sitting in pores the exposure to air is what causes them to oxidize and turn black. 

Having them is not a sign that you're too dirty, so don't cause more damage by being rough with your skin and scrubbing really hard.

  • Salicylic acid is a great option for dissolving those blackheads away and it can be found in over the counter products. Ideally, you'd use a leave-on product rather than a cleanser or soap, since the longer the exposure to active ingredient, the better it'll work.
  • Retinoids are a great treatment for blackheads, and while many people with sensitive skin are loath to try them, there are low - strength retinoids.
  • Use an enzymatic exfoliator at least twice a week. Tru masks that have papaya, charcoal, pineapple extract or clay to debride (or wash away) surface skin cells. 
  • Don't forget to moisturize. All of these methods may strip oils from the skin and be drying, so you might be surprised to learn that you need to moisturize to treat their blackheads. 
  • It's important to maintain the right balance in the skin, and moisturizing will allow you to continue using exfoliating products without any issues. If a retinoid is too drying, try appying it over moisturizer (or even between layers of moisturizer).

I hope this helped you, guys. Remember these tips may work for most people but may not work for others, also if you have acne or any skin condition etc, make sure it's okay with your doctor to do any of these tips bc it may cause irrittation or make worse. Thanks for reading! Love u 💜

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