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Hello kitties, I am very happy to write one more time for you. This time I am going to show you a new store that I contacted to talk about it on my blog, its name is GANCUBE. If you want to know more about this store, keep reading ...

GANCUBE is an online store ( founded in 2014 that sells cubes of all kinds and makes shipments to any part of the world, I had never seen a store like this before and I was very surprised to see the wide variety of cubes that exist and that they are so much fun to use.

In this quarantine I have used the tiktok app a lot and I have found people who make pictures using this type of cubes, it is a very fun art and it keeps me entertained in this time that is needed so much to relax the mind.

The GANCUBE page is very intuitive and it is also very easy to use, if you need a more detailed tutorial, here is a gan cfop pdf

Something incredible that this store shows us is the GAN ROBOT, it is an intelligent robot gan rubik's cube solver in less than 5 s, calculating its solution in 1 s. This store is a pioneer in the creation of this robot with artificial intelligence, it is undoubtedly a super interesting gadget and that would undoubtedly be very good to see in action.

If you want to buy a cube for your entertainment, this is your page, they have a great variety of cubes that I did not even know existed, there are of all varieties and sizes, in addition to that there are laptops, key rings, of different colors and shapes. In addition to having counters to measure your time when you make a cube, it also has categories, accessories, and alien cubes.

I hope soon to be able to purchase my GANCUBE cube and tell you in more detail how my experience in this store has been. I hope you visit the page and if you like it, tell me in the comments.

See you in the next post, remember to wash your hands and stay safe at home, I send you a kiss and lots of purrs.

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