Making Different Hairstyle with Water Wave Human Hair Wigs

Water wave human hair wig is so popular in the summer. But if you want to make a different look from others, you can try a different hairstyle with a water wave human hair wigs. Here, I will show you how to make a different hairstyle. The steps are as follows.

At first, you need pin down 2 part of your front hair sections no matter Indian water wave human hair wigs or Peruvian water wave human hair wig. And you should try to select 2 small portions of hair on either side of your face at the front. Then, pull 1 section upwards and twist it a bit. After that, you need place it back against the back or side part of your scalp. Remember to use pins to keep the twist in place. Do the same on the other side.

In this step, you can spritz sea salt spray into your hair wig, including Brazilian water wave human hair wig. And you should better turn your head upside down and let your hair hang. At that time, you can grab your sea salt spray and spritz the exposed underside of your hair 2-5 times. Then, you need flip your hair back over and use your hands to spread the spray out into your hair. As for the final look, it should have a beachy vibe with undone waves.

Generally speaking, it is a necessary step. You need slick back your hair with gel. In detail, you should place a quarter-sized amount of gel into your palm. And then. use your fingers to apply this gel to the top front sections of your hair. Additionally, you can either slide it directly back or use the gel to mold your hair into face-framing waves.

Move your flat iron in small circles. In this step, you should try to rotate your hand around slightly to pull it straight instead of feeding your hair into the flat iron. Also, You will still need to feed a small amount of hair in between the iron tongs at a time. After that, go slowly and slightly twist your wrist around as you move the iron down. This will keep a bit of curve in your hair.

You can choose sleep in braids for smooth curls. Before you go to bed at night, you can twist your hair into 1 or 2 large braids. It is usually easier to sleep with 2 braids. Then, when you wake up your hair will have a preserved, careful wave without tangles. Be careful which ties you use as some can leave kinks in your hair. To polish your look, go over your larger curls with a curling iron.

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